Audacity: Best microphones

In case you haven’t figured out yet, your built-in microphone, the one in your laptop or PC SUCKS. It’s ok to say talk to grandma over Skype but when it comes to doing inerviews or recording important audio, you want to get an external microphone. Here are the best options to use with Audacity.

If budget is not an option: Blue Yeti
The blue yeti is a top-of-the-line microphone perfect for any type of recording you can do in Audacity. Get one on Amazon

The best Audacity budget microphone: Sony ECMPC60

If you want small: Sony I love this little microphone. Just like fire ants leave a bite you can’t forget, this little unassuming microphone packs a lot of punch and perfect for travelers. Get one on Amazon

Portable recorder: Zoom h4

If you need to record and then edit If you need to record first and then edit in Audacity, get a Zoom microphone.This gives you files you can import and Audacity right away once you are done recording. The Zoom also records to multiple channels making it even better for those who need more control on their recordings. Get one on Amazon

Portable recorder: Blackberry Passport

Another dedicated portable recorder If you just want a portable recorder, but the Zoom portable is a bit overkill…get the Blackberry Passport. When Blackberry made the passport, they really went all in, for example it’s screen is still jaw dropping to this day…but so is the microphones. It has 4 microphones built-in and will give you crystal clear quality recordings without the complexity. Get the free “Parrot” app, that saves to m4a. Once you finish recording you can edit in Audacity once you have the free FFmpeg installed. Get one on Amazon

After you plugged in your phone, make sure that it is selected in the microphone dialog box, on the top area of Audacity. If you don’t, your microphone might be plugged in and Audacity records with your crappy laptop microphone! So be very diligent in making sure the correct microphoe is selected there. Also make sure that WASPI is not selected in the top menu, this is usually reserved to record computer audio and not from microphone.

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