How To Make Money with Audacity

Yes, You Can Make Money With Audacity

Audacity is a free audio editing software. And since it is free and easy to use, in this article I will show you how you can make money using it.

First, you need to make sure you have a good understanding of Audacity. This course shows you everything you need to know to start making money with it.

So, once you have Audacity installed and understand how to do things like fade in, and fade out, you are ready for business. How so? Well, if it wasn’t for Audacity, I would have ended up paying tens of thousands of dollars in audio editing. But that’s just me, I love doing this stuff, most people would have it done for them instead, and here lies your opportunity.

Many people need basic audio editing services, and either because they lack the skills or just don’t want to do it, they want to pay someone to do it.

What kind of services? Like:

  • Adding an intro and outro to a recording
  • Reducing background noise
  • Removing the “hummms” and “huhs” from a recording
  • Trimming audios
  • Removing parts of an audio
  • Gluing two tracks together, etc.

These are only basic Audacity skills, so with a course like Audacity in 90 minutes, you can start selling your services right away.

You will have to determine what specific offers you can make and are willing to do. Then you go on a site like and list your services there. Remember to put a limit to your services. So instead of psoting “I will edit your audios”, you can post “I will edit 10 minutes of audio for $5”.

Also, keep in mind that while 5$ might not sound like a lot, it can end up being a lot. If someone has a 1hour audio, that is 6x $5= $30.

A lot of the guys on Fiverr do not sell their services well, so you can have a leg up by doing so there. Describe your “5 point audio editing process” where the audio is edited in 5 passes, first you remove the background noise, then you remove the unecessary hums and huhd, etc.

Alternative to Fiverr is Upwork. Here is someone who is searching for an audio editor, this job is potentially worth an extra $120 per month:

Here you can search for people or are actively trying to hire someone. Search for terms like “audio editing”, “podcast editing”, “clean up audio” and bid for the job. A lot of the guys on Upwork never take the time to read the job description, so you are leaps and bounds above the crowd if you just read the job description, and talk to the potential client as a human being.

So not “Dear recruiter. I am the best at audio editing with the most experience. Bid in confidence” But something alsong the lines of “Hey Jake, I have read your job description and it seems like you need someone who can edit a podcast series. With me your audios will be edited professionally with a 5 step process, etc”

As long as you read the job description and echo it back to the recruiter, you are ahead of the game. You will however have to get low ball jobs in order for you to get the initial feedback you need. On sites like Upwork, your feedback is your credential.

If you can, also put a deadline to your bid. Say something like “It can be done in 3 days”, this again makes you ahead of the pack.

You can also post on your Facebook the services you offer.

A last way you can make money with Audacity is by promoting the Audacity in 90 days course. When you sign up as an affiliate you will get a special link, when you post it on your blog, Facebook page or other places. If someone buys from your link you will get a commision. Click on the contact tab on top to send me an email, I will register you and you will receive your special link.

You don’t need to do anything. Just sign up and promote the page with your link. Everything else is on my end, you just get money ($17) if anyone buys.

So if you link to the course page and a friend of yours purchases on the site, you will get 17$ sent to you at the end of the month. If you bring 5 people who purchase, it’s $85 at the end of the month, etc.

In a nutshell, here’s how to make money with Audacity: Download Audacity, learn Audacity, and start selling your services online. Or signup as an affiliate for my Audacity in 90 minutes product and promote it, it’s $10 per sale that is made.

Make money with Audacity conclusion

Audacity is just a tool, but if you use it correctly, this free tool can become the backbone of your business, allowing you to edit podcasts and other audio for a fee.

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