What is Audacy?

Audacy is a misspelling of “Audacity”, a software for windows, MAC and Linux. It is a free application to edit audios. This site is dedicated to Audacity, and to it’s misspelled named Odacity and Audacy.

Where does the Audacy confusion come from?

Ok, you get it, it’s Audacity, not Audacy….but where does the confusion come from? Well a friend of yours probably told you to check out Audacity and didn’t hear the ending part right. If someone doesn’t pronounce better, Audacity does sound like Audacy, hence the confusion. But that’s no big deal, now that you are hear you can find out…

What can Audacity do for you?

Good question. With Audacity (download it here) you can edit your audios for free. That means you can do digital mixtapes, record audio and edit it, record and edit your audiobook or your own podcast. If you are feeling entrepreneurial, after learning Audacity with our course, you can then sell you services to make money.

It’s up to you to know what you want to do with Audacity, it’s free to download and use.

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