4 Best Audacity alternatives that are FREE (2020)

So you are looking for an Audacity alternative? While Audacity is free and has many features, it might be the interface you don’t like or some other facet of the audio editor. There are many options when it comes to audio editors, and since Audacity is free, I will only show the best FREE alternatives.

Audacity Alternatives:

1. Wavepad

Wavepad is the number 1 alternative to Audacity. It has quite a lot of features and rivals audacity. It is also free. It has a windows version, MAC version, and unlike Audacity, it has an android and iphone application. Be warned however, this is for personal use only, you will need a license for commercial use. Download Wavepad here.

2. Oceanaudio

This audio editor is multiplatform like Audacity. Windows, MAC and Linux versions are available and it is a free software. It is a bit more basic than Audacity but has a very cool-looking interface. Download Oceanaudio here.

3. Audiodope

Audiodope is for windows only and a great alternative to Audacity. One great feature it has is the ability to open multiple files and not open multiple windows like Audacity does. It is free. Download Audiodope here.

4. Waveosaur

This is another Audacity alternative for windows only. The interface is much more utilitarian and basic than Audacity. If you don’t like Audacity’s interface, you won’t like this one either. But on the other hand it allows to edit multiple files in one screen, unlike Audacit that forces multiple instances of the program to open. Download Waveosaur here.

Audacity Alternatives conclusion

Your best bet as an alternative is Wavepad. It’s the only one that has a mobile app version. If you like a fresh-looking interface than Oceanaudio might be a good choice. If you need to edit multiple tracks at the same time, look into Waveosaur and Audiodope.

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