What is Odacity?

Odacity is a misspelling of “Audacity”, and award-winning, audio editing software. This site is dedicated to Audacity, and to some extent, the non-existent “Odacity” and “Audacy“.

Where does the Odacity confusion come from?

Ok, you get it, it’s Audacity, not Odacity, but where does the confusion come from? It’s because A+U is also pronounced in a similar fashion as “O”, just like Australia. So you probably had a friend tell you to check out Audacity, and believed they were saying Odacity. But no biggie, now that you are there….

What can Audacity do for you?

Audacity is one of the best and FREE audio editing software on the internet. You can download Audacity here. With it you can edit audio lectures, make mixtapes, edit a podcast, and heck even make some money. Once you have downloaded Audacity for windows, MAC or Linux, you can then lean how to use it with our free tutorials. If you want to learn everything you need in record time, check out our 90 minute Audacity course.

With Audacity and a quick learning curve you can edit any audio yourself, and not have to pay a freelancer. Most of the edits you will need are quick and simple to follow like removing unwanted background noise, or cutting and pasting audio from one end of the track to another.

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