Portable Audacity Setup

If you have to have Audacity, here is a setup that you will like. Remember that Audacity is only for desktop OSes so there is no Audacity for Android or iOS.

Here’s my portable Audacity setup

As you can see in the article about portable Audacity devices, the Planet Computers Gemini is my top recommendation. But that’s only good if you want to edit your audio in a portable factor. What if you want to record? Here’s a killer portable Audacity kit:

Planet Computers Gemini
The spiritual successor to the Psion 5MX. It can run Audacity when you install Linux on it. Get one on Amazon

Bluetooth Mouse
Running Audacity and using the touchscreen is not ideal. Getting a USB Mouse is important. Since this is a pocket setup, I use the Microsoft wedge mouse. Get one on Amazon.

USB C audio adapter
The Gemini has 2 USB C ports, with this audio card you can plug in an external microphone and headphones. In the picture above, I have a regular USB audio adapter and a USB to USB adapter. Get one on Amazon

Sure S215 headphones
I remember sweating when I got my first Sures. That sweat quickly evaporated once I actually pushed play on my phone. They are high quality and very portable for recording in the field. In the picture above I have my roughed up beats. But when I am on the move, I use my shures. Get them on Amazon

Small Sony ECMPC60
I absolutely LOVE my little sony microphone. I got it along with the Sure in a passage in Seoul, Korea. I’ve used it for years and it’s still alive and kicking. You might want to get a small wind-blocker. Get one on Amazon

How to use this kit: Plug in the Sony and Sure headphones into the USB Cadapter and plug that into the Planet Computers Gemini. Fire up Linux and Audacity, your portable kit is ready to roll!

Why this is the ultimate portable audacity setup

This in my opinion the ultimate portable Audacity setup. Seriously, it is the power of full Audacity with no comprise headphones and microphones. Best of all, everything can fit in your pocket, so it’s perfect for those who need to record on the move or for travelers.

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