Simple: Audacity rip Audio from video

Do you need Audacity rip audio from video?

Do you have a movie you want to get the music from? Maybe it’s a youtube video or a music video that you want to rip the audio from. The good news is, it is simple once you have setup Audacity correctly.

Seting up Audacity

Right out of the box, Audacity is not able to open video files like .mp4. If you could, ripping the audio from those videos would be easy. Simply open the video, and click export to mp3 and you would be done. It IS actually that simple, but since Audacity cannot open video files without some help, you will first need to install the FFmpeg plugin. FFmpeg is a free download and once you install it, will never be needed to be touched again!

So go to the FFmpeg tutorial page to download it and install it. Once you are done, you can move to the next step which is…

Open your video file

Open Audacity, and click on open>file and select your video, formats supported include .mp4 and .wma. Mp4 is the most popular video format so your video file will probably be in that format. Once you open your video, you will have to be patient because this part usually take minutes to complete, it is a lot of work for your computer.

Once it is complete, your timeline will be filled with the audio track of your video!

You can do anything you would normally do with an Audio track like reduce noise and add effects.

Rip audio from video

But you are not yet done, you’ve only merely opened the audio track of your video. In order to successfully rip audio from your video in Audacity, you must save. Clicking save will only save your Audacity project. You need to go to file > Export and export your file to mp3. If you have the latest Audacity download, there is nothing else for you to do, you can save to mp3 right out of the box. If you have an older version of Audacity you will need to install the Lame plugin.

Convert mp4 to mp3 in Audacity

So that’s all you need to do to rip mp4s to mp3 in audacity. Make sure you have the FFmpeg plugin installed, and open the video you want to rip audio from, wait for it to load and click on export > mp3. Because Audacity is free, this method of ripping mp3 audios from digital video mp4s is also free. Best of all once the FFmpeg plugin is installed, you will have nothing else to install again. Simply open the video you want to rip and click export to mp3 and you are done!

Optional: Did Audacity rip audio from video?

If you want to check if Audacity did rip audio from video, first play your video file for a few seconds. Then open your audio file and see if the audio matches, if they do and both files are the same length (so 30 min mp3 from a 30 min mp4) you have successfully ripped your audio.

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