What is Audacy? Audacy is a misspelling of “Audacity”, a software for windows, MAC and Linux. It is a free application to edit audios. This site is dedicated to Audacity, and to it’s misspelled named Odacity and Audacy. Where does the Audacy confusion come from? Ok, you get it, it’s Audacity, not Audacy….but where does …

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What is Odacity? Odacity is a misspelling of “Audacity”, and award-winning, audio editing software. This site is dedicated to Audacity, and to some extent, the non-existent “Odacity” and “Audacy“. Where does the Odacity confusion come from? Ok, you get it, it’s Audacity, not Odacity, but where does the confusion come from? It’s because A+U is …

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Portable devices

Here is a list of portable devices that can run Full Audacity for editing on the go. Planet Computers GeminiGet one on Amazon Sharp NetwalkerPretty much hard to find, outdated but can run an older Audacity. GPD Pocket 2A bit bigger than the two above, but runs full windows. Get one on Amazon

Audacity: Best microphones

In case you haven’t figured out yet, your built-in microphone, the one in your laptop or PC SUCKS. It’s ok to say talk to grandma over Skype but when it comes to doing inerviews or recording important audio, you want to get an external microphone. Here are the best options to use with Audacity. If …

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Portable Audacity Setup

If you have to have Audacity, here is a setup that you will like. Remember that Audacity is only for desktop OSes so there is no Audacity for Android or iOS. Here’s my portable Audacity setup As you can see in the article about portable Audacity devices, the Planet Computers Gemini is my top recommendation. …

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