Simple! Crystal clear Audacity audio recording

Do you need to record an Audio with Audacity? Then you must follow this guide to make sure that you have the absolute BEST quality before even hitting record…

How to do an Audacity audio recording

The first thing to understand is, before you can get a great recording you must prepare for it. Audacity no matter how great cannot do magic, so you need to know how to record first, and then record.

Step 1: Setup your microphone

Make sure you have an external microphone. Your computer built-in microphone is most likely terrible. So get yourself an external microphone and also a wind cutter. See the recommendations here. This alone is half of the battle.

Step 2: Prepare the environment

Make sure your environment is condusive to recording No matter how great your microphone is, if there is noise, it will pick it up. There is ALWAYS noise around but your brain tunes it out, but when it comes to microphones, it picks up everything. Before even recording, make a test recording and listen to it. Stuff that you don’t think about that will ruing your recoding:

  • The sound of the fridge
  • The sound of the AC
  • Wind of any kind like from a fan, AC or your own mouth. get a windcutter
  • Kids (make sure you record when they are asleep)
  • Notifications (turn them off)
  • Small room (it might give you echo effect)
  • Computer fan (if your computer gets hot and you record near it, the mic will pick it up. Use a small software [link] to control the fan while you are recording and put some ice packs nnear it
  • Outside noise (make sure your window is closed)
AC is your best friend in heat, but can be a recording nightmare

Lastly, make sure that in Audacity the recoder is not on WASAPI, and you have your microphone selected. If you do not make sure your micriohone is selected, Audacity might record with your crappy buil-in microphone even if your dedicated external one is plugged-in.

Step 3: Noise Reduction

Once you recorded your audio, use noise reduction. Select a few seconds part of your recording that is supposed to be silent. Click on Effect>Noise reduction. Then click get noise profile.

Then select all of your recording (Ctrl+A) and go in effects>Noise reduction and click OK.

This makes your audio free of distracting Background noise

4- Make the final touches Once everything is done, click on file>Export and save your file as a .wav. Then download and install the Levelator.

This piece of software does multiple things to make your audio better like lowering high voices and amplifying low voices. There are no settings to the Levelator, simply drag and drop. Another file will be created near your original .wav named .output.wav.

Since .wav tend to be heavy, you can then open the new wave file in Audacity once more and then exporting it to .mp3.

If you follow these steps you can get the best quality recording with Audacity.

Is the Audacity Audio recording successful?

Once you have finished recording, you need to make sure your audio was recorded successfully. Play it back and listen. If there are small background noises, these can be removed easily. Remember, get the best recording first ad then edit in Audacity!

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