Simple! Audacity merge track audio how-to

Do you have an audio track that was split and needs to be merged? Here are the simple steps to do so in Audacity:

Why is merge track important?

Once you are heavy into editing an audio file and split it into multiple parts, chances are you will have many bits and pieces of the audio in the timeline, merge track allows you to merge and glue these parts together to make thing easier to edit.

Audacity merge track tutorial

First here’s how merge tracks.

Step 1: Bring the split audio close

First, locate where your track is split. Here is an example:

Step 2: Click on the time shift tool

Now take your mouse and click on the time-shift tool, or press F5

Step 3: Drag your track until it touches

Once you finish clicking on the time-shift tool, take your audio selection and drag it until it touches the other part of the audio you want to merge it with. The tracks do NOT need to touch, however if they don’t there will be a long silence generated in the gap area.

Step 4: Select the tracks

Once the tracks are near each other, you will need the selection tool, here it is in the top area (Or click the keyboard shortcut F1)

With this, click and drag so that both parts of the track are selected, like so:

Step 5: Merge tracks

Now it’s time to merge, with your selection of both parts on the timeline, go to Edit>Clip boundaries>Join (No keyboard shortcuts). Once you click it you will see that the gap has now disappeared. Here is a before and after:

And that is it, you have successfully merged tracks.

Audacity merge track gap

If you have followed step 3, you will not have a large gap between the two merged tracks. Here is what happens when you drag both ends of the recording, and do not let them touch, and merge track:

As you can see this leaves a large gap of silence. This sounds weird when listened to. This might be what you need, but for most people, you want the tracks to touch first and then merge.

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