Simple! How to record computer audio with Audacity

Do you remember the days of tape recorders? You heard a cool song in the radio and all you needed to do is to simply press record and voilà, the song would be recorded on your cassete tape. While with computers there is no tape, the good news is…

You can record ANY sound that comes off your computer with Audacity

You’ve heard that right. As long as the sound comes out of your computer (that can be either trough speakers or headphones), you will be able to record it crystal clear. Even better news, this kind of recording WILL NOT record the microphone, so you can talk as long as you want and the recording will only pick up what your speakers put out.

Quick Setup

First things first, you have to make sure your audio will be played without any interruption. For example, if you were recoding an audio for one hour, and at the 30 minute mark, a notification pops up, Audacity WILL record that notification sound and you will have to restart the recording all over again. So make sure all notifications are turned off, and for the moment, turn off the volume of your system sounds.
Because if you are recording and something bugs out, windows will porbably sound off an error sound, ruining your recording. Look at the bottom right of your computer and right click on the sound icon and select “Open volume mixer”. A panel will appear with multiple sliders. Put the slider that says “System sounds” completely down like this:

This will ensure that any error sound from windows gets muted.

Recording Computer Audio in Audacity

Once you are sure everything will be fine, open Audacity as normal. The setting you want is at the top left area:

In that top down menu, make sure the “Windows WASAPI” is selected. Then click record. If nothing is currently playing trough the speakers, nothing will happen.
Now go and play the computer audio, that can be a Youtube video, videogame song or whaetver else. Once you play it, you can see Audacity starts recording automatically.

While it is recording, cough on purpose. If you can see the cough registering on the timeline, you have probably done something wrong and need to click on the recording tab and try again with another selection:

Normally the “speakers” from the dropdown should do the trick.

Cleaning Up

Once your recording has ended, click the stop button to stop recording your computer Audio. See here:

Since there is a slight delay between pressing stop in the source you want to record and stopping the recording, you might have some silence in your recording. Simply click where you want to remove like so:

And click the delete key on your keyboard or select Edit>delete. You can then export your recording as you have successfully recorded computer audio with Audacity!

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