Simple! Audacity split track audio how-to

The most basic of audio editing will require at least knowledge how to split and by extent merge tracks. Here are the simple steps to do so in Audacity:

Why is split track important?

Splitting tracks is important because sometimes you have an audio you want to cut in two or three pieces and move them around. This is part of basic editing knowledge for your audios. The reverse of split track is merge track (it’s like gluing the tracks back together) and that can also be done easily.

Audacity split track tutorial

First here’s how to split tracks.

Step 1: Open your file

Open Audacity and the appropriate audio file you want. You do this by going in File>Open and Audacity will open with the audio on the timeline like this (Your file might look different):

Step 2: Click on the selection tool

Now take your mouse and click on the selection tool. Chances are it is ALREADY selected. Just make sure that it is first!

Step 3: Click where you want split the track

Then go to the timeline and click on the exact point where you want to split the track. Like so:

Step 4: Split the track

Once you have clicked on the part you want to split, then go to Edit, clip boundaries>Split, or use the Audacity keyboard shortcut ctrl+I (cmd+I on MAC). You will see a large groove where your cursor was, see the difference between where the track was split and where I clicked a bit further down:

That’s it, you have successfully split your track.

Audacity split track, what’s next?

This is optional, once you have split the track you can use the time warp tool (F5) and click on the parts of your audio that was split and drag it to add space between the audio.

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